Get a Custom Moulded Logo & Label for your Plastic Container

Custom Moulding Graphics

Using mould-in graphics, we can create warning labels and company logos to be added to our rotational moulded products. During the rotational moulding process, the graphic is integrated into the component of the final product. Once the rotational moulding process is complete, the graphic and the material used will share the same durability. 

A Quality Product Every Time

Following fabrication of each new polyethylene moulded container, we perform a thorough inspection and testing process to ensure quality. We check each bin, tank, tote and tray for durability to withstand falls and resist breaks; we check that it is leak-proof and able to carry heavy-duty loads.

Contact Carris Rotational Moulders Inc. to book an appointment with our design consultant who can help you design a suitable plastic container for you.

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