Hydro Pole Poster Frames: The Green Way to Advertise Locally

Durable Hydro Pole Poster Frames

Located in Ontario, Canada, Carris Rotational Moulders Inc. works with municipalities across Ontario to engineer and fabricate polyethylene hydro pole poster frames. Our frames create a better way to advertise without damaging the hydro pole. Our rotational moulded products include recycling bins, garbage and reuse containers, trays, totes and more.

Our hydro pole poster frames include the following features:

  • Installed with normal banding equipment
  • Recessed at top and bottom for strapping
  • “Poster here only” graphic is moulded into material
  • Reduces paper and staple remnants on hydro poles
  • Accepts staples and adhesive tape
  • No maintenance required
  • Two models available
  • Suitable for poles with a circumference of 70 cm or more

We can create custom garbage bins, recycling and compost containers, carrying trays and totes and more with your company’s logo molded into it. During the moulding graphics process, we ensure that the integrity of the whole product remains intact, and we perform quality assurance inspections to make 100% sure.

To have a polyethylene hydro pole poster frame created or to order moulded bins, totes, tanks and more, call us now.

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