Sit with A Designer to Create a Custom Rotational Moulded Product

At Carris Rotational Moulders Inc., the needs of our customers come first. We create custom rotational moulded products to meet their specialized needs in Aurora. We design and fabricate polyethylene bins, tanks, totes, trays, and moulded hydro pole poster frames. Because we custom design our plastic containers and moulded products, we can customize them to adapt to a variety of uses and industries.

Sit with a Designer

Book an appointment with our interior designer who will sit with you and help you design your custom plastic product and educate you on our range of products and their many uses. Get inspiration for creating the products you need by viewing our gallery.

Industries Using Our Plastic Products

Our custom rotational mouldings can be used in a variety of industries and can be used for many purposes. The tanks, barrels, bins and trays we create can be used as:

  • Refuse, trash and garbage bins
  • Composting and recycling containers
  • Water tanks
  • Waste and sanitation tanks
  • Storage containers
  • Hazardous material containers
  • Liquid storage tanks
  • Food grade storage bins
  • Recovery tanks
  • Carrying cases
  • Retail displays
  • Gun cases
  • Musical instrument containers
  • Car wash components
  • Boat dock bumpers
  • Buoys
  • Animal carriers
  • Park and playground equipment
  • Planters
  • Bollard skins
  • Amalgam separators
  • Troughs and feeders

Contact Carris Rotational Moulders Inc. today for information about our custom mouldings or to book an appointment with our design consultant.

Moulding Graphics

Create a custom warning label or add your logo to your plastic moulded product.

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