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Custom Plastic Mouldings in Ontario for over 50 Years

Current president and owner William H. Harris, started Carris Rotational Moulders Inc. in Aurora over 50 years ago. He built his company on the desire to increase the quality of rotational moulded products available across Ontario, without incurring additional manufacturing expenses. Providing affordable plastic mouldings with very little overhead has been Carris’ most notable achievement.

We designed our facilities to be efficient and allow for quick change manufacturing. This allows us to meet our customers’ rapidly changing demands with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Plastic Moulded Containers for Every Industry

We design and create a variety of moulded plastic containers such as refuse and compost containers as well as garbage and recycling bins. You can customize your plastic container with your company logo. We use state-of-the-art equipment to engineer each container with its intended use in mind for the medical, pharmaceutical and confectionery industries. Our rotational moulding machines create durable containers you can trust to store your materials.

Contact Carris Rotational Moulders for the following products and services:

  • Custom rotational moulders
  • Small and large runs
  • Mould in graphics
  • Tote barrels
  • Custom moulding
  • Custom plastic moulding
  • Design mouldings
  • Frame mouldings
  • Large plastic trays
  • Large poster frames
  • Mould plastics
  • Plastic moulders
  • Plastic storage totes
  • Plastic tote bags
  • Plastic tote bins
  • Plastic tote boxes
  • Polyethylene storage tanks
  • Roto-moulding
  • Polyethylene water storage tanks

Plastic Mouldings

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Our design team is available for consultations. Sit with our design consultant for help choosing the right container or design a custom plastic container or label.

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Our team has developed over 150 rotational moulded products. We do everything from start to finish, from moulding and decorating, to assembly, packaging and delivery of your product.

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